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Preserving Family Values in a Media Driven Society

Safety Kids
(Educational Entertainment)

A fun and entertaining way to teach your children safety. This kit is perfect for your preschool through 6th grade children. 

Are you doing all you can to teach your young children about personal safety? This series will help you teach your children how to stay safe from substance abuse, physical abuse and the misuse of the information highway... all in a way that is fun for your children.

Protect Their Minds
(Audio CD & Activity Book)
The Safety Kids will teach your children how to guard against the devastating effects of pornography. It's a big, bright, beautiful world and we can keep it that way. 

  1. Little Kids Do
  2. I Can Forget [listen]
  3. Whatever We Think About
  4. See No Evil [listen]
  5. Pollution of the Mind
  6. Turn it Off [listen]
  7. I Want to have Clean Thoughts [listen]
  8. Make the World Beautiful [listen]
    Click Here to Purchase
    Clearance Price: $14.99

The Following Volumes in the Series Are SOLD OUT.

Personal Safety
(Audio CD & Activity Book)
Safety Kids sing and talk about the rules of personal safety. A must for parents who are concerned about their child. 

  1. We're the Safety Kids [listen]
  2. The Safety Don'ts
  3. The Togetherness Kids [listen]
  4. The Telephone Song [ listen]
  5. I'm in Charge [ listen]
  6. Stay Outside of My Line [ listen]
  7. Look for a Grandma
  8. Yell and Scream [listen]
    This Volume is Sold Out

Play It Smart Stay Safe from Drugs
(Audio CD & Activity Book)
Your child will learn to "get their highs naturally, not chemically". Help your child learn how to standup to peer pressure and stay safe from drugs.

  1. If Your Friend's in Trouble [listen]
  2. Safety Kid Smart
  3. Go For a Natural High [listen]
  4. It's Bad, Bad Stuff
  5. All You Gotta Say is No [listen]
  6. Designer Genes [listen]
  7. Everybody Needs To Feel Love [listen]
  8. You're Not Gonna Get Rich On Me
    This Volume is Sold Out

Plus receive a FREE Safety Kid Chart.

Safety Kids Series
Entertainment Education Kit
Our Price: $69.99

The 3 Vol.
Safety Kids Series is
Sold Out

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love the Safety Kids Tape. I got it for my kids when they where little, which was about 20 years ago. I misplaced it after that. I was so excited to find it on line and now I can purchase it for my grandchildren. My kids are 23 and 27 and they still know all the words, and thank God have stayed safe.
Thank You."

"My daughter found your email site and we were so excited. She had been looking for the Safety Kids for her son. She remembers the songs and books from her childhood. She wants her son to learn about safety through the songs just like she did. I was excited to see there were different books about keeping your mind safe, too. Thank You!"




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