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Weemote DV FAQ

1. How does the weemote® dV differ from the weemote® TV remote?
The weemote® dV is specifically designed to allow children to access and control content interactively when using on-screen menus such as those typically found on DVD media. The weemote® 3 TV remote is designed to allow control of live TV content, i.e. television or Set-Top channels selected by the parent.

For example in the case of a DVR device such as a TiVo® player, the weemote® dV allows access to recorded content in the Now Playing list while the weemote® 3 TV remote allows access to specific channels you set while accessing the Live TV mode of the TiVo® player.

2. Why should I consider a separate remote for my child?
With the significant increase of interactive content available on digital video devices and interactive television today, children often become frustrated because they cannot easily access the interactive content because of the complexity of traditional remote controls. Often they require a vast amount of parental assistance.  The compact size and large navigational buttons of the weemote® dV enable children to simply navigate through interactive contents and have fun while learning.

3. How will my child benefit using the weemote® dV?
The weemote® dV encourages learning as it makes interactive content more accessible. Children feel empowered and feel a sense of self-accomplishment, as they now have a device of their own and no longer have to rely on parental assistance.

4. As a parent, how do I benefit getting the weemote® dV?
Parents are empowered by the weemote® dV, as it is simple for children to use and therefore, allows children to be independent of parental assistance when navigating and interacting with content available via digital video devices and interactive television. In addition, parents no longer have to worry about children accidentally tampering with control settings on expensive remote controls.

5. After I program the weemote® dV, how safe are the settings?
The weemote® dV is housed in durable casing that offers a secured battery and program door so parents do not have to worry about children changing the codes or removing the batteries. All settings are also permanently stored in memory regardless of the state of your batteries.

6. How involved is it to setup the weemote® dV?
Setup is easy. The weemote® dV offers two types of setup.  It comes with a complete library of Setup Codes for virtually any DVD Player. Parents simply find the compatible code for their brand of DVD player and enter it into the remote and the device is ready to use.   For those DVD players that are not supported or for the setup of the weemote dV with different devices such as a DVR (TiVo®) or Set-Top device, the weemote dV offers a “full learning technology” feature. The full learning technology feature enables parents to point and click their existing remote at the weemote dV and it will automatically learn the commands and controls of the existing remote and reliably replicate them.

7. Will the weemote® dV work with a portable or car DVD player?
Yes. With the built-in library of DVD codes and the learning mode, you can setup the weemote® dV to work in your car – especially good on those long trips!

8. Can I use one weemote® dV on multiple DVD players?
No. The weemote® dV is designed to operate one device at a time. However, you can always go back and setup the weemote® dV to work on a new or different device, at any time.

9. What are some examples of dedicated interactive DVD content?
Dedicated interactive DVD titles are being released everyday. We define dedicated interactive DVD content as those DVD titles that only contain interactive content. It turns out that virtually all DVD movie titles have some amount of interactive DVD content in the form of games and chapter selections.

Some excellent interactive DVD content titles to consider are Disney’s Lilo and Stitch’s Islands of Adventure Board Game and the Adventureville series of interactive shows. These titles alone can provide hours of enriching entertainment when children are empowered to control them using the weemote® dV.

10. How do I setup my entertainment system so that the weemote® dV can be used by my child?
All you need to do is turn on your entertainment system, set the proper video input control if needed, with your standard remote control. At this point, your child can now begin to use the weemote® dV.

If you want the DVD player to be accessible to your child, then they can even control the use of available DVD media without further parental intervention.