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TVGuardian Now Works With Some Over The Air Digital Tuners

The TVGuardian now works with some Digital TV Tuners. Now you can watch broadcast TV received from your Antenna with the protection of your TVGuardian. Watch broadcast TV profanity free.  Setup looks like this:

Antenna  –>  Digital TV Tuner or Converter Box  –>  TVGuardian  –>  TV


You need to be living in an area that can receive TV signals by Antenna.  This really depends on how far you are from the broadcast towers.  If you aren’t already using an antenna, go to, enter your address to see if you are in range.  Depending on how far you are from the broadcast towers, you can use an indoor antenna or a powered outdoor antenna.  Outdoor powered antennas are ideal for people that are on the edge of the broadcast range.  Here is a list of best selling indoor and outdoor antennas.

Digital TV Tuner: 

You will need a Digital TV Converter Box (even if your TV has one built in) in order to use the TVGuardian with broadcast TV channels.  These Tuners have come a long way in the last few years.  Not only do they allow you to tune in Digital TV Channels, they also can display program guides, record shows and much more.

The following Digital Converters have been tested to work with the TVGuardian:

ppg Digital TV Converter Box P19-106 – Compatible with the TVGuardian for removing foul language from broadcast TV.

1byone ATSC Digital Converter Box – Cut the cable and still use the TVGuardian with the 1byone ATSC Converter Box.  More information.

Vilso VT-063 Digital Converter Box – Compatible with the TVGuardian.  Limited availability.


The TVGuardian is required to work with the Digital Converter Tuner in order to filter the profanity.  Important: Connect the yellow composite video connection from the Converter Box to the TVGuardian.  It doesn’t use the video; it uses the hidden closed-caption information from that signal.  Remember, lack of closed-captioning, closed-captioning errors, delays in closed-caption or live shows will make the TVGuardian less accurate.  See all limitations.

Please take a look at all the information about the TVGuardian and understand it’s features and limitations.

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