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Parental Control Tools

Family Safe Media is dedicated to providing the latest parental control tools, products and services.  We specialize in keeping parents informed about new parental control devices that help protect families from the immoralities of today’s media and entertainment.

Our web site is organized by media type.  Browse through each section and find the tools your family needs to reduce influences that are not in line with your beliefs.  Most likely, you will find products that you didn’t even know where available. Also, let us know what type of product you need.  We are dedicated to developing products and services that help parents control the content in their home.

Our Most Popular Products Are:

tv guardian
TV Timer & Video Game Timers

“The Profanity Filter”
— Filters  Profanity From Your Videos, TV, DVD, Satellite, and  Cable, While You Watch!
30 Day Risk Free Trial.
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TV Time Manager
— Automatically limit the time your children spend watching TV, playing video games or using the computer.
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The Next Generation of
Internet Filtering is Here
Filter every Internet enabled device in your house with one router.  Easy install and user-level access control.  Don’t rely on your bypass-able software program only on the ‘kids’ computer. One solution covers every computer, gaming device and iPod Touch in your home.
Start providing complete protection for your family.

Power Stop
Power Plug Lock
— Protect your children from harmful equipment or help manage the consumption of TV, video games and computer time.
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“The Weemote”
— A remote designed for children, featuring parental controls to select only those channels you want your child to view.
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