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Router Limits – Filter Content


Is Jimmy hitting Minecraft when he should be doing math? Katie watching Netflix at all hours of the night? For that matter, are Mom and Dad having trouble leaving Facebook alone during family dinner? Maybe you’ve decided that there’s one particular website that you don’t want invading your home… We’ve got it handled. Each individual device on your network is now subject to your content choices, not the other way around. Manage the iPod, the Xbox, the Roku, the Android, the smart TV, the laptop…with custom filters that you tailor to your own family members and the standards you want to set for your own home.


We’ve loaded Router Limits with a virtual ton of options for filtering various websites and types of content. With the pre-loaded POPULAR SITES list, you can easily choose to block a variety of sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram — and that includes all “doors” into those sites, such as mobile apps associated with that content. Or, if you like, you can just turn off a whole CATEGORY of web content, such as shopping sites, search engines, sports, dating, or gambling — with any exceptions you like.


You can also lock on SafeSearch (Google & Bing) and YouTube Restricted Mode to help keep your whole family safe. Block pornography for whichever devices you want. The possibilities are endless, and you’re in control.


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