PowerStop Power Plug Lock

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Choose Keyed Alike if you would like to use the same key for each lock. 

Choose Keyed Different if you would like to use a different key for each lock.

Get an extra one, just in case.

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This unit has the lock built right in.  Not the most secure option.  Fits standard two or three pronged plugs used in North America.  Your PowerStop Lock will come with 2 identical keys.

Replacement keys are available for the Keyed Alike only (key code 4001) HERE!


  1. To unlock, insert key and turn 90 degrees clockwise
  2. Insert plug fully into PowerStop
  3. To lock, turn key 90 degrees counterclockwise and remove key. Power cord is now inoperable

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Keyed Alike, Keyed Different, 2x Extra Keys for Keyed Alike 4001