Weemote DV TV Remote (Digital Video)


The Weemote gives the parents the control and the children the power.

  • Allow your children to navigate the wealth of content available on DVD players, DVR players and Set-Top devices that feature Interactive TV.
  • Give your children their own remote.
  • Simple alternative to complicated remotes.
  • Ideal for Seniors with Alzheimer’s.

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In tune with your digital lifestyle, the weemote® dV Remote Control makes using any DVD player or other digital video (dV) device a snap for kids. Based on the overwhelming popularity of our classic weemote® TV Remote Control design, weemote® dV expands on our well known, ease of use and powerful programming features to allow you to control a new generation of digital video devices.

weemote® dV provides only the most frequently used controls, necessary to operate your digital video device, such as navigational direction, selection, menu and transport controls. Large individually shaped buttons practically guarantees easy, error free operation!

The weemote® dV case design is innovative and patterned after our classic weemote® TV Remote Control. Made for little hands, weemote® dV adds a stylish rubber “boot” that surrounds the case for increased comfort. A flat contoured bottom also gives the weemote® dV added stability when used on a tabletop.

With the ever increasing amount of supplementary and interactive DVD content that accompanies today’s DVD movie titles, children can now fully explore that content without frustration or parental assistance. There are also many exciting games and enriching educational titles being produced today – designed to take advantage of the interactive features found in standard DVD players. Get the most value out your DVD rentals and purchases with the new weemote® dV!


  • Simple operation for a wide variety of digital video devices
  • Supports all popular DVD players with built-in codes
  • Supports virtually any device with full learning technology
  • With the learning feature, select which controls (up to 9) you want to activate. Add more capability as your child grows!
  • Controls only the essential features of your digital video device – navigation, select, main menu and transport controls.   
  • Large buttons in different shapes and colors makes identification easy
  • Case designed for comfort when used in the hand or on a table top
  • Case design features a surrounding rubber boot for added support and style
  • Operates on 2 AAA batteries
  • Built-in memory protects all your program settings even when no batteries are present!
  • Hidden program area secured by a captive screw ensures your settings are safe
  • Dimensions: 5.5″ X 2.5″ X 1.25″

Supported Devices

  • DVD Players
  • TV/DVD Players
  • VCR/DVD Players
  • DVR Players
  • Digital Set-Top Devices (Cable or Satellite)

** Please note that only one device can be setup with the weemote® DV at one time .

** Please note that the weemote® will not work if your your Set-Top device uses Radio Frequency (RF) remote control. The weemote® dV only sends Infrared (IR) signals.

Setting up your weemote® dV is quick and easy. Your new weemote® dV comes with a complete library of SETUP CODES for virtually all popular DVD players. When using the Weemote® dV with a DVD player, just find your compatible code and the remote is instantly ready to use!

A hidden area for programming makes your settings secure. The battery door and program door are also fully secured using a captive screw. The weemote® dV has been thoroughly “Kid Tested” and will not fall apart or pop open when dropped.

weemote® dV also features “full learning technology” for all user controls. This means that even if your DVD device is not supported in our library or you want to use Weemote® dV with a different device such as a TiVo system, it’s easy! Just take your existing remote control unit, push it’s buttons while pointing it directly at the weemote® dV. The weemote® dV automatically learns the commands and will faithfully reproduce any button for any device you wish to control!.

The extensive learning features built into the weemote® dV would easily cost over $100 with other comparable remote control units. Plus, the other units are far more complex to program and use. No other remote control is as simple and easy-to-use as your new weemote® dV! Get the weemote® dV today for only $19.95. Works with portable DVD players and car DVD players too!