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TV Allowance 50 Watt Limitation.
The TV Allowance Model 200 Series can only work with TVs that draw at least 50 watts of power.  (The TV Allowance “thinks” that the TV was turned off when the power drops below 50 watts.  This feature prevents the allowance from being deducted when the TV is turned off.)  Most TVs 32″ and above draw more power than 50 watts. 

You can still use the TV Allowance with smaller TVs with the following workaround:
1.  Plug a short power strip into the TV Allowance.
2.  Plug the TV into the power strip.
3.  Plug a lamp into the power strip.  Use a 60 watt bulb in the lamp.
4.  Have the lamp on while watching TV to draw enough power to keep the TV Allowance activated.
Purchase tamper evident tape to help prevent bypass.

TV Allowance Model 200 User Manual
Model 200 Manual

TV Allowance Model 100 User Manual
A printer Friendly TV Allowance 
Model 100 User Manual.