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TV-B-Gone® Common Questions

Life Without TV

  • Won’t I get hurt if I use my TV-B-Gone® remote control in someplace crowded?
    • When other people gather for the purpose of watching TV together – say, in a sports bar – we see no reason to interrupt their pleasure. But TVs are often kept turned on without anyone consciously paying any attention to them, or sometimes without anyone wanting them on. TV-B-Gone® remotes work on TVs in those places too – laundromats, waiting rooms, shops, restaurants. Turning off a TV may not even be noticed in many places, except by you, or a few others who welcome the pleasant, peaceful silence. We recommend seeking others’ approval if you think switching a TV off (or on) may bother them.
  • What do you mean when you say that TV-B-Gone® is an environmental management device?
    • The sounds and images from TV that constantly bombard us everywhere we go have a powerful effect on us. Through repetition, we remember the many messages about ourselves and our world that we receive from this potent medium. We may feel better if we have the ability to manage our environment, the impressions that we are exposed to, allowing us to more easily create our own messages and ideas.
  • What about Children?
    • Here at TV-B-Gone®, we believe that children should be encouraged to watch TV as little as possible. TV-B-Gone® remote controls may be useful tools for kids to learn to turn off TVs in an enjoyable way. Of course, TV-B-Gone® remotes should not be used by children who might choke on small plastic items.
  • Are TV-B-Gone® remote controls harmful to people or animals?
    • TV-B-Gone® is a remote control. It works on the same principle as your TV’s remote control. It is as safe as any TV remote control. In fact, not only is your TV-B-Gone® remote control safe, it may contribute to your healthy existence in our modern world.
  • What about good programs?
    • Sure, there are programs on TV that are entertaining or informative. Go ahead and watch. But when that good show is over, you may want to turn off the TV. Turning off a TV is a choice!
  • Why would one want to live without TV?
    • Because watching TV takes time, and time is precious. There are so many things to do that are fun, healthy, relaxing, and good for your social life! Some people find themselves watching TV when they don’t really want to. Have you ever found yourself doing this?

Using TV-B-Gone®

  • How long will the batteries last in my TV-B-Gone® remote control?
    • For most people, the batteries in your TV-B-Gone® remote will last from 3 months to a year (though, of course, the more you use it, the quicker the batteries will need to be replaced).
  • Are batteries included with my TV-B-Gone® remote control?
    • Yes! All TV-B-Gone® remote controls come with batteries installed. These batteries are small, light weight coin-cells (so don’t look for heavy triple-A batteries).
  • What is the range of a TV-B-Gone® remote?
    • The maximum distance that TVs will respond is 20–50 feet (6–15 meters), depending upon their make and model,and of course depending upon the angle of aim of the user. While the device itself has a 30 degree line of action, the receptor on the TV may be very narrow.
  • Will my TV-B-Gone® remote work on new models of TVs that come out?
    • Most probably. Although new models of TVs come out all the time, they rarely use new power codes.
  • Will my TV-B-Gone® remote control work through glass?
    • Sometimes. Even though glass is transparent to visible light, not all glass is transparent to infra-red (IR) invisible light. TV-B-Gone®, like other remote controls, uses IR light, and so, it will go through some glass, and not others. Try it and see…
  • Will my TV-B-Gone® remote work through walls or ceilings?
    • No. Because TV-B-Gone® remotes work by infra-red (IR) light, it won’t go through walls, ceilings, people, or other objects.
  • How does my TV-B-Gone® remote control work?
    • Click here to find out the geeky details of how your TV-B-Gone® remote control works.
  • Will my TV-B-Gone® remote control work on the new types of TV screens, like plasma, LCD and projectors?
    • TV-B-Gone® remotes will work on all types of remotely controllable TVs, no matter what type of screen they use. It won’t work on computer monitors, digital signs, or older TVs that are not remotely controllable.
  • Will my TV-B-Gone® remote control turn on or off my TV if it is playing a video or DVD instead of a TV show?
    • Yes. Your TV-B-Gone® remote control will turn your TV on or off, also if you are playing a video or DVD.
  • How long will it take for my TV-B-Gone® remote control to turn my TV on or off?
    • Most TVs will turn on or off within a few seconds. But it may take up to 69 seconds for your TV-B-Gone® to reach the POWER code for your TV in its extensive database. We organized the codes to put the most popular ones first.
  • How does NTSC, PAL, and SECAM video formats relate to the two models of TV-B-Gone® remote controls?
    • There is actually no direct connection between NTSC, PAL, or SECAM, and the methods TV manufacturers use for encoding the remote control POWER signal. In general our North American/Asian model will work for countries that use NTSC, and our European model will work in countries that use PAL or SECAM. But there are exceptions. For instance, our North American/Asian model works in countries in Asia that use PAL, such as Thailand and India.
  • Which model of TV-B-Gone® works in my country?
    • There are three main video formats currently in use: NTSC, PAL, and SECAM. If your country uses NTSC video, then the North American/Asian model should work. If your country uses PAL or SECAM video, then the European model should work.
  • Why are there two models of TV-B-Gone® remote controls?
    • TV manufacturers of televisions often use different POWER codes for their North American and Asian TVs versus their European TVs, so we offer 2 models of TV-B-Gone® remote controls:
      • North American/Asian model
      • European model

      As their names imply, the North American/Asian model can be used to turn on and off virtually any television in US, Canada, Mexico and most Asian countries, and the European model can be used to turn on and off virtually any model of TV in Europe. It also works well in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Will my TV-B-Gone® remote control turn on and off any TV?
    • We ensure that TV-B-Gone® remote controls can turn on and off as many TVs as possible. There may be some TVs that TV-B-Gone® will not work with, but TV-B-Gone® should be able to turn on and off virtually any remotely controlled TV.
  • Can TV-B-Gone® remote controls hurt my TV?
    • TV-B-Gone® is a regular remote control. It works on the same principle as your TV’s remote control. It cannot hurt your TV, or anyone else’s TV.
  • What is the flashing LED and can I turn it off?
    • (Newer models only – original models do not have a blinking LED)
    • This light indicates that the unit is sending out its signal. If you don’t want the flashing LED on, simply double-click the button to start the TV-B-Gone.
  • What is the Instant Reactivation Feature?
    • The new TV-B-Gone® model allows you to press the button at any time to restart transmission of all of its infrared codes. Since the codes for the most popular TVs are closest to the beginning of the sequence, you can operate TVs faster, without waiting the full 69 seconds, as with the original version. Just be sure to hold down the button for at least one second.
  • What is the most effective way to use my TV-B-Gone® remote control?
    • Click here to find out how to use your TV-B-Gone® remote control.

TV-B-Gone® Batteries

  • I noticed you changed your battery configuration from three CR2016 batteries to two CR2032 batteries.  Why did you do that?
    • From our research we found we could put in two 2032 batteries instead (one in the B1 position and one in the B2 position), which are bigger, longer lasting and almost the same price. So we will be putting these in the new models and recommend it when replacing the batteries in all TV-B-Gone models.
  • How do I change the batteries in my TV-B-Gone® remote control?
    • Click here to find out how to change the batteries.

Charging Your TV-B-Gone Pro SHP

  • Can I charge my TV-B-Gone® Pro SHP using other chargers with a USB connector?
    • DO NOT USE any other charger or USB cable to charge your TV-B-Gone Pro. The battery inside your TV-B-Gone Pro will only recharge with the charger that came with your unit. (If you connect your TV-B-Gone Pro SHP to another charger, your Pro will appear to function while it is connected to the USB cable, but the battery WILL NOT charge unless it is connected to the charger that came with your unit.)
  • How long do I need to charge my TV-B-Gone® Pro SHP?
    • Though it will function for awhile if you charge it less, you should charge your TV-B-Gone Pro SHP over night, or for about 8 hours to get it fully charged up. (There is no indicator that the battery is low or fully charged.)


  • I wanted to turn my TV right back on and I pushed the button and the TV stayed off.  What’s wrong?
    • Your TV-B-Gone® remote has one switch, and it can turn TVs either off or on. Once your TV-B-Gone® is activated, it will start the sequence of codes being emitted. For original models of TV-B-Gone® remotes (without Instant Reactivation Feature), this lasts 69 seconds even if you push the button again. Once the sequence has finished its 69 second run, pushing the button will start the sequence again and turn the TV back on. All current models of TV-B-Gone® remote controls have Instant Reactivation Feature, so you can press the button at any time to turn the same (or another) TV off or on right away – just hold down the button for at least one second.
  • How come I turned off my TV but it turned right back on again a few seconds later?
    • Some models of televisions will respond to more than one code that is emitted. In that case, when your TV turns off, immediately cover the clear plastic emitter with your thumb or turn the TV-B-Gone® quickly away from the TV so that it won’t receive any other codes.
  • A brand of TV that I tired didn’t respond.  Why not?
    • While TV-B-Gone® universal remote controls are built to work with virtually all TVs, there are some codes that we don’t have programmed in because they were unavailable. Also, as we mentioned above, we couldn’t get to every country and there might be some countries that have TVs with unique or unavailable codes. If the model is working at all, however, it should work for almost all TVs.  Feel free to use the contact us form and let us know the make and model of the TV you were trying to turn off.
  • I was only 20 feet away and it didn’t work.  Why not?
    • The maximum distance that TVs will respond is 20–50 feet (6–15 meters), depending on the make and model of the TV, and depending on the angle at which you face the TV. The more directly you face the TV, the farther away it works.
  • I tried to turn my neighbor’s TV on and it didn’t work.  How come?
    • Because your TV-B-Gone® remote control works by infra-red light (IR), it won’t go through ceilings, walls or some glass. It also has to be aimed within 30 degrees at the remote control receptor on the front of the TV, and so you must be able to face the TV or just be slightly to the side of it.
  • Why doesn’t the light come on?
    • Actually, the clear plastic emitter on the front of the TV-B-Gone® universal remote control is not supposed to light up – at least not with visible light. The remote control works by emitting infra-red (IR) light, which is invisible to the naked eye. All current models of TV-B-Gone® come with a visible light that blinks inside while it is transmitting.

General Info

  • Where can I buy a TV-B-Gone® remote control?
    • Please press the BUY NOW button above to order your very own. You can also look on our home page to see if it is stocked in a store near you.
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  • What is your Warranty and Return policy?
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  • What is the size and weight of a TV-B-Gone® remote?
    • A TV-B-Gone® remote control is 1.92 x 2.27 x .675 inches (4.88 x 5.77 x 1.71 cm) and weighs 26 grams.
  • Do you have a TV-B-Gone® banner that I can add to my website?
    • Yes! We would love to help adorn your website and help you spread the word of how to live a more wonderful life. Please click here for some simple HTML that you can copy and paste into your website.


  • How does the TV-B-Gone® theme song go?
    • Click here to hear the TV-B-Gone song.