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VHS/DVD Combo Player

The TVGuardian Foul Language Filter will work for VHS/DVD Combo Players with the yellow composite video out port.  The yellow composite video out port is required on all devices/sources to pass the Closed Captioning to the TVGuardian so it knows when to mute the profanity.

TVGuardian 501HD – This model will work NOT work with VHS/DVD Combo Players.

TVGuardian LT – This model is the ONLY TVGuardian that will work on VHS/DVD Combo Players.  VHS/DVD Combo Players that use HDMI OR RCA (red, yellow, white) connections from the device to the TV will work.  The TVGuardian LT uses HDMI or RCA cables and still requires the yellow composite video port.  When using RCA cables (red, yellow, white) the TVGuardian LT comes with a splitter that will take your existing yellow composite video port and turn it into 2 ports; one for the TV’s video and one for the TVGuardian LT’s Closed Captioning.

  • Please double check the cables your devices use to hook up to your TV; the TVGuardian LT will allow 2 sources with HDMI or RCA and yellow composite video ports to be connected and filtered at the same time.

Notice: TVGuardian LT will work on many VHS/DVD movies, but not all.  Most VHS/DVD movies contain Closed Captioning (CC), which is supported by the TVGuardian, but some contain SDH, which are subtitles for the hearing impaired and will NOT work for the TVGuardian.  Closed Captioning is needed for the TVGuardian to filter accurately.  TVGuardian does not support SDH.  VHS/DVDs with CC played with HD up-conversion on the Blu-Ray players will be filtered by the TVGuardian.

Please take a look at all the information about the TVGuardian and understand it’s features and limitations.