Helping to Preserve Family Values

Watch Edited Movies With These Edited Movies DVD Players

Control the content of movies in your own home. Filter profanity in scenes while you watch. Without modifying the DVD. Works with over 4000 regular versions of movies that you already own or rent from any video store.

  • Filter popular TV Series like 24 and Lost.
  • Control the rating of the movies allowed to be played.
  • Password protected settings.
  • No waiting for edited movies in the mail or letting someone else decide what you want edited… It’s your choice!

The ideal family DVD player without modifying the original DVD. Rent or buy your movies from anywhere and the filter will work with the DVD player to filter profanity from the audio.

How It Works:

Advanced parental control technology consists of filters that prevent offensive material from appearing in the CC on your screen, or in the sound track, as you watch the movie. Since each filter is customized for a specific title, the result is often almost seamless and does not distract from enjoying the DVD.

  1. When setting up your DVD player you may customize your tolerance settings (see below).
  2. Insert the movie into the DVD player.
  3. The player will recognize the movie and if the movie has CC, it will play the movie filtered. This setting can be locked with a password.
  4. While you watch the movie, the player knows when to mute the sound or write over the on-screen CC based on your custom preferences.

About the Filters:

A simple on-screen menu lets you activate filters for 3 main categories. For each movie, choose the settings that are right for your family. You can activate individual ones or all at once.

Violence                                                                                Sensual Content
Moderate Violence                                                               Explicit Sexual Situations
Graphic Violence                                                                  Crude Sexual Content
Disturbing Images                                                                Nudity

Language                                                                               Other
Vain reference to Deity                                                        Explicit Drug Use
Crude Language & Humor
Ethnic and Social Slurs
Strong Profanity
Graphic Vulgarity

Frequently Asked Questions:

After purchase of machine, how much is the subscription for new movie filters?
Some of our Filtering DVD Players come with a subscription built in. The TVGuardian will let you attach most DVD players and has NO subscription fees.

Can you just buy the filters for the movies you want to see?
Not at this time. A subscription to the filter library will give you access to all the movie filter files available. The TVGuardian set-top box will allow you to filter most movies/DVDs that contain the hidden closed captions.

What filters do you have available?
We have the TVGuardian LT or the TVGuardian 501HD available to filter profanity on most DVDs with CC available.  Find the TVGuardian here!

Do I have to get special movies to use this DVD Player?
No, you can filter movies that you have purchased or rented from Blockbuster, Netflix or any other rental source as long as they contain closed captioning (CC). This player will not filter downloaded movies. streaming content, or home-made copies.

Do I have to have a computer and Internet connection to use these DVD Players?
No.  The TVGuardian set-top box just needs a TV and a DVD player or another source like a cable or satellite box to pull the CC from the movie/TV show.  From there, the TVGuardian should do the rest.

The TVGuardian Alternative:

Our TVGuardian set-top box profanity filter is the perfect unit for filtering DVDs, Blu-Ray players, VCRs, Cable/Satellite boxes, and over-the-air TV.  Check out all the latest TVGuardian models here!