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Weemote Customer Testimonials

From Steve in Silicon Valley

We have two girls, ages 1 and 3. We’re pretty strict about not watching too much TV, but when we do watch it’s almost always one of the two public TV stations in our area. Both girls are old enough to work the remote (yes, even the 1 year old!), but they kept getting frustrated by the overwhelming number of buttons and the difficulty in finding their two channels in the 50+ that are offered in our cable plan. Also, we wanted to avoid the more violent, adult-oriented shows.

The Weemote is the perfect solution. It’s easy to program. The kids love it. It’s a simple solution that just plain works. Often they toggle from one channel to the other as the shows change; DragonTales here, Sesame Street there. Now they can do that themselves. They even like having the job of turning the TV off when we leave the house. Fobis Technologies has demonstrated the kind of “out of the box” thinking that’s necessary to solve this difficult problem.

The Weemote is the kind of product that is fun to use because it has taken a novel approach to work around the system and let individual consumers control their life. That’s especially important when it comes to what my kids see on TV. And, it feels cool and is fun looking, too! I strongly recommend that all families who care about what their children see on TV to consider a Weemote.

From Kim in Londonberry, NH

We’ve always limited the amount of viewing time for our 5-year old to 1 hour a day, 2 tops (if he’s sick or it’s a rainy day…or his baby brothers are extremely cranky). With the Weemote, he gets to make his own choice (empowering him to decide if the program is worth it now or waiting ’till later for something else that might be a true favorite). It buys us an extra hour of sleep, too, on the weekends since he’s always up at 5:30am. Love it.

From Barbara in Jacksonville, FL

The unveiling of the weemote was this past weekend and the kids loved it. It was easy to set up for even me the hmmmm the “electrically challenged”. One bit of feedback what is good for kids on PBS in the morning isn’t so good in the evening so perhaps some future versions could have a “schedule one ” and “schedule two” to compensate for that or for older children. But that small thing aside their weemote has brought a certain amount of comfort.

Mom’s remote stays where she puts it and there is no “You may not play with the remote”. The moment you need to reload the washer or visit the facilities doesn’t elicit the worry “what will she surf to?”. We budget her time on the TV we discuss what she wants to watch and talk about how long she can watch I use my other remote to set the timer and she’s happy to have her own. Her most favorite feature is the mute button she likes to engage it and come and explain what the animals on zaboomafoo are doing, it’s very cute. They got over the Disney is Channel 30 but it’s 1 on the weemote very quickly.

From Gabrielle in Philidelphia, PA

FedX delivered the Weemote at 10:30 this morning, and by 11:00, I had it up and working PERFECTLY!!!

I want to thank you personally for making this possible. When my daughter comes home from school today at 4:15, she will find her Weemote ready with her five “allowed” stations available at the press of a button. The ability to scroll back and forth between her five channels will make her feel more grown up, as she sees me doing it all the time.

Again, you have gone beyond the call of duty here, and I wish you the greatest of success!! There was a picture and an article about Weemote in yesterday’s Philadelphia Inquirer computer section.

From Eric in Miami, FL

I have recently received one of your weemotes for my daughter. It has made my life much easier as now I feel much safer leaving my 5 year old daughter in a room watching TV. I have a DSS satellite dish with the Platinum movie package. Though most movies during the day are pretty harmless, sometimes there is content a little too advanced for a five year old. Because the weemote limits my daughters viewing to certain preset channels I feel much better that she will not see inappropriate television and movies. My daughter also loves the fact that she has her own remote control. Your product is very simple to set up and use. It is a very effective product in helping kids. I look forward to future products from Fobis.

From Cindy in Kent, CT

The weemote offers security in that the children will be watching what they should be watching even while I’m hanging laundry on the line, It also alleviates arguments because there are only five choices so it is easier for my three kids to agree on what to watch.

From Brenda in Fairfax, VA

Would like to say how comforting it is to hand my child the weemote and know he can access his favorite channels without accidental viewing of undesirable programing. He is delighted that he has his own remote and he can channel surf all by himself. I was happy that programming the weemote is pretty easy. ( I can actually program my VCR too!) Thanks for coming up with such a great product! Signed: My kids mom! Brenda