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Weemote Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes the weemote® X better then a larger remote with big buttons?
    • The key to the weemote® X’s ease of use and clutterless interface is the absense of a full numeric keypad found on other remotes. Even though a larger remote with big buttons geared towards adults may seem to make better sense, if the user has memory or sight problems, they will often mis-key the channel number. As a rule of thumb, if the user cannot easily use a numeric keypad then the weemote® X is a better solution over a large button remote.
  • So what makes weemote® X different from our earlier models?
    • In a couple of words, advanced learning. Learning simply allows you to take your existing remote controls and point them at the weemote® X to record those signals. Once recorded, you can then playback those signals using the weemote® X to operate your TV system. While earlier models provided what we called selective learning, the new weemote® X provides complete learning of all the signals you need to operate your TV system. While in most cases you can use our built in set of device codes to get your weemote® X to work with your equipment, these advanced learning features greatly expands our compatibility to handle virtually any TV or TV combo brand on the market.
  • Will my existing remote still work with the weemote® X?
    • Yes, the weemote® strictly acts as a supplemental remote control.
  • How does the weemote® X work with a TiVo system?
    • The weemote® X allows the user to control channel changing of “Live TV” content when using a TiVo system. It does not provide any menu controls to allow the user to access recorded content.
  • Will the weemote® X work for any entertainment system?
    • The weemote® X will work in about 95% of homes having a typical entertainment system setup. You can see the supporting setups by going to our customer support page.
  • Do I need to program all ten channels into the weemote® X?
    • No. You can program from one up to ten channels. You only need to program only one channel and the same channel can be programmed on to multiple buttons.
  • Will the weemote® X work on more than one television set?
    • The answer is yes and no. You can program the weemote® X to work on a vast majority of televisions but once programmed, it can only operate on the TV you setup. However, you can always go back and reprogram the weemote® X for a different TV.
  • How long does it take to setup the weemote® X?
    • The answer depends on the complexity/setup of your entertainment system. A typical system with just a cable ready TV takes less than ten minutes.
  • Do I need to change anything with my current system to use the weemote® X?
    • In 99% of cases, no. The weemote® X becomes just another remote control that operates your entertainment system.