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Which TVGuardian Is Right For You?

The TVGuardian model is determined by the way you connect the TVGuardian to your TV and which cables you use to connect your source to your TV.

Do you want to see the on-screen sentence when the TVGuardian mutes the sound because of profanity?
If so, you will want the 
TVGuardian 501HD. The TVGuardian 501HD uses only HDMI cables for video/audio in high definition, but still requires the yellow composite video port on your source.  More information here.  If you do NOT want the on-screen sentence when TVGuardian mutes a profanity, the TVGuardian LT should be your choice.

Do you use a TV Antenna or a Cable directly from the wall (over-the-air TV)?
You will need an external tuner even if your TV has a digital tuner built into it.  
Click here to see the tuners we have tested and recommend.

If you use any of the following sources, you need to know how you connect them to your TV in order to know which TVGuardian you need.  Click on the source/device below for in-depth TVGuardian information:

Please take a look at all the information about the TVGuardian and understand it’s features and limitations.