Tamper-Resistant Network Cable Lock Clips – 4 Pack


Our Tamper-Resistant Network Cable Locks are the perfect way to prevent someone from bypassing your internet filter. The clips locks prevent the network cable from being removed and lower the potential of bypassing the router, or any other networking equipment.

Includes 4 Tamper-Resistant Network Cable Lock Clips

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Add More Protection To Your Internet – Prevent Bypassing

The Network Cable Locks help secure your Local Area Network (LAN) or other RJ-45 modular connections. Once installed, it cannot be removed without destroying the lock or attached equipment.

Changing your connections is easy, if you have a replacement Network Cable Lock. Just cut the existing Lock out, make your changes, and secure with a replacement
Lock. No special tools are needed.

How To Install the Network Cable Lock Clips:

The clip replaces the snap-click that is usually on the jack. The hooks should be facing away from the jack and cord, see the diagram below.

Double check the diagram and instruction to make sure the clip is facing the correct direction this is very important.

When you install the clip you need to push firmly to make sure the clip goes all the way in. If you do not pushed all the way in the jack will not be locked in.

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